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Attaching the headband to the SPX

The headband allows you to wear the SPX using either your right eye or your left eye.
To figure out which eye is best for you, visit the Determining Eye Dominance article.

Loop the velcro strap through the loop on the other end of the headband to make a circle. Ensure the plastic clips are facing the outside of the circle.
Place the headband on your head, with the wide part on your forehead, and the strap on the back of your head.
Tighten the strap on your head until it is tight enough to not move when you move your head around, but not too tight for comfort.
Lift the headband off your head, without undoing the strap.
Clip the SPX device into place on the plastic clip, ensuring it is on the correct side of the head strap for your Eye Dominance.
Ensure that the camera is facing the direction of the widest portion of the headband.
Use the velcro tiedown to secure the device to the headband. The tie down should secure in between the "Moziware" logo and the charging port.

Updated on: 17/02/2023