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How to connect your SPX Device to WiFi

Before you proceed, ensure you know the name and password of your WiFi network.

Power on the headset using this set of instructions. Powering on your SPX
Once you are on the homescreen (say "homepage" to get here), say the command "More Apps".
Say "Settings" to open the settings app.
Say "Network and Internet".
Say "WiFi"
If the "Use Wi-Fi" bar is grey, then WiFi is currently disabled. Turn it on by saying "Use Wi-Fi." If the bar is Green, proceed to step 7.
The system will now scan for nearby WiFi networks. You can select one of them by saying "Open Item" followed by the number next to the WiFi network. In the example image below, the WiFi network "Hippo Technologies" is identified by number 3. Therefore, to select it, say "Open Item 3"

If your network is password-free (such as a guest network) you should now be connected. If your network has a password, proceed to step 9.
To enter your password, say it letter-by-letter using the phonetic alphabet. For example, if your password was abcd123, you would say "Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Number One Number Two Number Three". See the image below of the keyboard in question.

Once you are done entering the password, say "Confirm". If you entered the password correctly, you should now be connected.
Say "Homepage" to return home. If you are connected, you should see an indicator similar to the below indicator, showing what network you are connected to. This bar is located at the top middle of the homescreen.

Updated on: 17/02/2023