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Headset v2.0.13 (December 17 2023)

Download here:

If you are using Realwear devices, unless you have explicitly unenrolled from Hippo Managed headset updates, your devices will be updated to this version automatically in the next few days in a staged rollout. You can continue to use the previous version in the meantime, missing the features/fixes below.

Contents of Update

Implemented Laser Pointer on SPX devices

While using the SPX device with HVC, the built-in laser pointer can now be activated
The headset wearer can activate it within a call or within the Secure Camera.
Remote controllers on web can activate it on headsets they have control over.

Modified the Sort order on the contacts page on Headset

Calling another user from the headset is easier and quicker with this change.
Now, the contacts page is sorted in the following groups:
Favorite contacts who are online
Non-favorite contacts who are online
Favorite contacts who are offline
Non-favorite contacts who are offline
Within each of these groups, contacts are sorted alphabetically.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug where some Quick Join QR codes wouldn't work, despite users having permission to use them.
Minor bug fixes

Updated on: 13/02/2024