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Web v2.1 (Apr 22 2024)

WARNING: Some of the features in this update rely on your browser to correctly convey data to HVC2. HVC2 is only certified to run as expected on Google Chrome. Most browsers are Chrome-based, so it should be no problem to use Edge or other browsers, but if you run into any issues with features in this update, please try to use Google Chrome.

Contents of Update

Rapid Connect

This version includes a new feature - Rapid Connect! With Rapid Connect, Headset or Web users can seamlessly bring in mobile devices to meetings without necessitating an account for the mobile device to use.

New Admin Settings

Auto Enable New Features - This toggle will choose whether or not to enable new features by default when they are released.
Rapid Connect - This toggle enables/disabled Rapid Connect on a tenant level. Due to the above feature, Rapid Connect needs to be explicitly enabled for a tenant before it will begin working

Bug fixes

UI Fixes, including User Menu and Ledger optimizations

Updated on: 22/04/2024