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Host Management

Hosts Explained

In Hippo Virtual Care, each call has at least one user designated as a "Host". Being a Host comes with a few additional features and functions over regular users in the meeting. These features include:
Start/Stop Recording
Remote control of XR devices in the call
Mute other participant's audio and/or video
PIN other participants
Add and Remove other participants
Make other participants Host

Becoming Host

There are four ways to become a host:
Be the creator of the meeting
In the event creation window, the creator can toggle the Host role for each user after they have added them. For more details, please see Creating and Deleting a scheduled event.
Be promoted in the Participants menu by another Host.
If a headset user is the only host in the call, all web users will see an icon on their action bar to "Request Host." Hitting this button will prompt the headset user to either say "Accept" or "Decline" for that user to become an additional host.

Updated on: 07/08/2023