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Reviewing the Ledger

The Ledger is the way to review your past meetings in HVC2. It can provide all sorts of information, and what information it provides depends on what role you held in the meeting. There are 4 types of attachments that can go in the ledger: items attached to the meeting when it was created, photos taken during the meeting, videos taken during the meeting, and chat. There is also a Meeting Log.

Below is what you might see in the Ledger. For example, you will notice that after a meeting has ended this is where any information from that meeting would be. In this case, it is the meeting for "Tuesday Demo".

If you click the meeting, the meeting details will open. This shows you when the meeting was, what time it was at, all the participants and any attachments & logs.

To open an attachment, hover over it and click the file button, as shown below:

If we now select the "Logs" this will show you a detailed report on when the event was started, what time everyone has joined, etc.
(You will notice that there are no attachments as we did not include any attachments in this meeting).

Updated on: 16/05/2023