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Attaching the Workband for Navigator

To figure out which eye is best for you, visit the Determining Eye Dominance article.
The workband can be easily adjusted, and the tall clips securely attach to the headset for additional device stability.

Place the workband on your head with the velcro on the back and the wide portion on the front.
Using the velcro strap, adjust the fit like a baseball cap.
Take the workband off and hold it with the wide end of the band in the front.
Fully extend the display arm of the Navigator. Align the clips on the outside of the workband with the clip housing on the inner ends of the Navigator 500, behind the display arm and behind the fingerprint scanner.
Snap the workband onto the headset starting with the smaller clip.

Navigator Clip Inserts

Make sure the display arm is aligned with your dominant eye before fastening.

Updated on: 06/01/2023