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Charging the Navigator

There are two ways to charge the Navigator 500 battery. The method chosen depends on available hardware.

Method 1: Charging the Battery on the Headset

This method does not require any additional hardware and allows the user to charge their battery while attached to the Navigator 500.

Locate the charging port on the back of the headset, behind the battery housing, marked by a USB symbol.
Open the protective covering for the charging port.
Insert the USB-C cable into the back of the headset.
Insert the USB-C cable into a computer or other chosen charging port.
The headset display will show its battery percent for about five seconds, and a light will appear on the front next to the fingerprint scanner. The battery is fully charged when the light has turned green.

Method 2: Charging the Battery on a Battery Charger

This method requires an additional charger for Navigator 500 batteries.

Remove the battery from the Navigator 500 by using the tab next to the fingerprint scanner.
Insert the battery into the battery charging dock.
Plug in the battery charging dock.

The battery's level of charge can always be checked by clicking the long button on the battery causing the battery level display to light up.

Updated on: 06/01/2023