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In-Call Controls on Headset app

From left to right, the following buttons are explained below:

End Call: Causes the user to leave the call, moving them back to the screen which they were on before the call started.
Unmute/Mute: Controls the microphone on the headset.
Video: On devices with only one camera (Such as the HMT-1 and the Navigator 500) this is simply a toggle on/off. On devices with multiple cameras, such as the SPEX, this will appear a popup that allows the user to choose which camera they want to use.
Zoom: Displays a popup allowing the user to choose a zoom level. Say "Zoom" to open the menu, then select "Level 1" or "Level 2" etc.
Remote on/off: Toggles remote users' ability to control the headset. If this setting is turned on (default off at the start of calls) then remote users who have the necessary privileges will be able to control the headset functions, such as zoom and flashlight.
Switch view: Allows the user to toggle between viewing the feed from the other users in the call, and viewing the feed they are sending out.
Participants: Displays a list of participants in the call.
Chat: Makes the chat sidebar appear. The user can send and receive chats to and from the other users in the call.
More: Shows a menu with some more options that are less commonly used.
Light on: Toggles the flashlight on the headset

Updated on: 08/09/2023