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Signing into HVC

On the XR Application, users can log into their account with a QR Code and PIN combination. Using the Color Keyboard, this activity can be done securely and quickly.

Follow the steps below to log into your HVC account on an XR device.

Make sure you have setup a PIN first, otherwise headset login will not work. To set a PIN, follow the instructions HERE
Generate a Login QR Code on either the mobile app or the web portal
To generate a QR Code on the web portal, follow the instructions HERE
To generate a QR Code on mobile, follow the instructions HERE
Once you have your QR Code ready, launch the HVC App.
Say the command "Scan Code"
Point the device camera at the QR code you generated in step (1).
Once the Color Keyboard has popped up, the QR code has been successfully scanned.
To use the color keyboard, recall your PIN. Your PIN is a 4 digit numerical code.
To enter your PIN, locate each number you wish to type, and say the color that goes along with that number.
Please note that each time the Color Keyboard is summoned, the colors are shuffled to random locations. This helps to prevent nearby people from remembering your PIN and entering it later.
For example, in the below image, the user has a PIN set as 2876. Therefore, when presented with this screen, the user would say "Green" "White" "Blue" "Grey".

Remember to say each color as it's own voice command, rather than saying them all as one. In order to do this, leave a gap in your speech in between each color.
Sample image of Color Keyboard

Updated on: 24/05/2023