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Accessing the HVC Tenant Admin Portal

Please note that the Admin section is typically reserved for IT staff.

With the Hippo Virtual Care Tenant Admin Portal, you have access to a variety of user and role settings, as well as some system settings that affect how your tenant of HVC behaves.

To access the Tenant Admin Portal, log into your HVC account.
To find out the address you should use to access HVC, use the following instructions.
Your domain is usually the name of your company. For example, for a company called ABCDE Enterprises, the domain would likely be "abcde" or "abcde-enterprises". If you are unsure what your domain is, please contact your Hippo sales representative, or your in-house IT staff.
Your domain homepage will be the following structure, using "abcde" as the domain:

Once you have logged in with your HVC account, find your User Menu at the top right of the page, and click the dropdown. This will reveal an "Admin" option as shown below.

If you do not see the "Admin" option, it means you have not been given the Admin flag. During account handoff (when Hippo hands the domain over to your organization's IT staff to be managed), someone (or some people) was assigned Admin. Only admins can promote others to admin.

Updated on: 17/02/2023