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Adding and Editing User Roles

Please note that the Admin section is typically reserved for IT staff.

For instructions on accessing the Admin Portal, please see here: Accessing the HVC Tenant Admin Portal

The first menu that appears is the "Roles and Permissions" menu. Here you can see a list of roles that have been created for your domain. By default, there are three roles, unless your organization requested different preset roles. The default preset roles, along with their permissions and uses, are described below:

Default Roles for a new Tenant

Default Role
This role is for users of HVC that should not be permitted to do anything except join meetings they have been invited to.
This means that users with this role cannot create meetings, cannot create calls, cannot login on XR devices, or anything else.
The typical use of this role would be a patient, patient family member, or outside guest doctor. You can think of this role as a "guest" role.
Admin Role
The Admin Role, by default, has all permissions enabled.
Note that having this role does not automatically allow a user to access the Admin Portal. The Admin Portal is granted by a flag within each specific user's settings that allows them access to the Admin Portal as a whole.

Adding a Role

Click the "Add Role" button in the top right near the User Menu.
Name the Role.
Choose some permissions. The available permissions appear when you click into the Permissions dropdown menu.

(Optional) Add a note to make it more clear what this role is for.
Click Save.

Editing a Role

Click the pencil icon on a role you'd like to edit.
Choose the settings for the role.

Updated on: 17/10/2023