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Permission Descriptions

Inside the HVC Admin portal, Admins are able to assign permissions to roles, and then assign roles to users. This allows Admins to have deep control over which users are able to perform which actions. Below is a brief description of each permission available:

In order to access the admin portal, users need to have the "Is Admin" Tickbox checked in their user settings. There is no way to add admins in bulk due to this method. This is in place to reduce erroneously granting admin rights to users.

Manage Events: Create, modify (coming soon) and delete (coming soon) events. Users can only perform actions on events they have created.
Manage Groups: Create, modify (coming soon) and delete (coming soon) groups. Users can only perform actions on groups they have created.
View Contacts: View a list of all other users in the system.
Manage Roles: Create, modify, and delete roles in the admin panel. This permission requires the "Is Admin" tickbox to function.
Manage Users: Modify the role a specific user has. Also permits the ability to bulk-pre-invite users (see Adding Users in Bulk). Requires "Is Admin" tickbox to function.
Configure App: See and modify the "App Configuration" tab in the Admin portal. Requires "Is Admin" tickbox to function.
View Reports: (Coming Soon) Generate and view Admin-level reports on usage and other metrics. Our reporting engine that enables this functionality is coming soon.
View Ledger: View the Ledger tab, allowing users to see information about meetings they have been a part of.
Can Chat: Send and receive chats both inside and outside of a call environment.
Can Record: Can initiate and stop a recording of a meeting. Requires "Host" role in the meeting.
Can take photo: Can capture a photo of a meeting.
Can use headset: Log in to a headset using a QR Code. If a user does not have this permission, they can still generate QR codes (assuming they have the "Generate QR Codes" permission, but they will not function for headset login.
Can Use Mobile: Log into the mobile app.
Can generate QR Codes: Generate QR codes to use for login on headsets and mobile devices. This permission, along with "Can use headset" are required for headset use.

Updated on: 05/04/2023