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Installing HVC2 on XR devices

This article is applicable to most android based XR devices, including Realwear devices and SPX devices.

There is an alternate method below for users who cannot install software on their computer. It is slightly more complicated, and only works on SPX devices at this time.

If your organization does not use an MDM (mobile device manager) to manage your XR devices, or if you are doing a pilot before rolling out the MDM for your XR devices, you may wish to manually install/update the HVC app on your XR device.

Download an android casting app onto your computer. For this guide, we will be using, which is free. If you have used Realwear Explorer in the past, you can continue to use that.
After installing Vysor on your computer, plug the XR device into your computer with a USB data cable. The cable that came with the XR device is a data cable.
Once you open Vysor, you should see a window similar to the below example:

After plugging the XR device in and powering it on, it will appear on the Android Devices side on the left as shown below:

Click the red arrow to start casting the XR device to your computer.
Download the newest HVC2 headset app here.
Drag and drop the ".apk" file you get from the download into the XR device's screen on your computer.

Alternate Method (No software install on computer)

Currently, this method is only supported on Windows and Linux based computers. This is because Macs handle USB devices in a very restricted way, making this method impossible.
Download the newest HVC2 headset app here.
Plug in your SPX device with the included USB-C cable (or another USB-C data cable) and power it on
After some time for the connection to be made, the device should appear as an external device in windows, similar to a thumb-drive. See an example below:

Double-click on "MZ1000" or similar to open the headset's filesystem.
Open "Internal Storage".
Open "Download".
Drag and drop the APK file you downloaded in step 1 into this folder. Ensure it is the only file in this folder by deleting all other files
Uninstall the current version of HVC XR using the following voice commands:
More Apps
Apps and Notifications
See all x apps (replace X with the number you see on the screen)
Put the headset on, and say the following string of voice commands:
More Apps
Scroll down (may have to say this twice, so repeat until you see "Storage" as a line item)
Scroll Down
Open Item 12
Now wait for the install to complete, it may take a few seconds.

Updated on: 17/05/2023