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Pre-Invite Users in Bulk

In the HVC Admin portal, Admin users can pre-invite as many users as they'd like!

It is important to note that users added in this method still need to register for an account. Bulk pre-inviting simply ensures that when they do register, they will be automatically assigned a role, and therefore will be able to perform actions.

Follow the instructions below to prepare your user list, and upload it into the Admin Portal.

Prepare an xlsx file in the following format: (Sample file available in the Admin portal)
Column 1: Email addresses of users
Column 2: The role you want that user to obtain when they sign up
Please note that the first row of each column must be a title. The Admin portal is expecting an excel file with the headers as follows: 1A: Email, 2A: Role.

Navigate to the Admin portal within HVC, and go to the Users page.
At the top of the user list, click the "upload users" icon (shown below)

Drag and drop the xlsx file you created in (1) in the interface.
Click the up arrow to upload the file (as shown below)

To view users that have already been invited with this method, click "Pending Invites" next to the cloud button. This screen will show all emails that have been invited but have not registered, along with the role associated with them.

Updated on: 12/02/2024